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Schweizer kunst auktion guarantees the authenticity of Attribution of property listed in the catalogue or online as stated in the Terms of Guarantee. Except for the Limited Warranty contained in the terms of guarantee all property is sold As Is. We make no warranties, nor does the consignor, as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, the correctness of the catalogue or other description of the physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, medium, provenance, exhibitions, literature or historical relevance of any property. No oral or written statements made in the catalogue, online listing, advertisement, bill of sale, and announcement or elsewhere made by employees (including affiliated and related companies) shall be considered a warranty. We and the Consignor make no representations and warranties, express or implied, as to whether the purchaser acquires any copyrights, including but not limited to, any reproduction rights of any property. We and the Consignor are not responsible for errors and omissions in the catalogue, online listings or any other supplemental material.


It is the responsibility of prospective bidders of live auctions to inspect the property before bidding to determine its condition, size, and to determine if it has been repaired or restored and/or to request a condition report.

Online Bidding

Online bidders are required to provide valid name, address, phone number and email address as well bank references or credit card number, with corresponding expiration date to Live Auctioneers to be approved for bidding. 


A buyer's don`t pay an aditional premium of the purchase price of any product purchased. Form of payment, bank transfer or PayPal when paying through PayPal buyer has a premium of 4%.
All items purchased at auction and paid PayPal must be paid on the day of sale. And bank deposit must be paid within five business days after the sale.


The price you pay is the amount at which the auctioneer's hammer falls (the hammer price), plus a buyer's premium (a percentage of the final hammer price) and tax where applicable. You will be given an invoice made out to the name and address on your Registration Form, which may not be subsequently altered. The invoice gives a breakdown of the various costs. 


We provide handling packing and shipping service according to the buyer needs (Shipping abroad).
Handling and shipping cost will be calculated according to the weight size of the item and each country shipping fee, the buyer will be charged with handling and shipping fee. 
Responsibility for damage to or loss of any lot ends once it has been turned over to the shipping courier will be handled solely through the insurance claims process (if insurance was available,economy shipping from Switzerland is insured with max1000 sfr,
for higher purchasing sume will be charged with extra insurance fee according to the value), or the carrier and acknowledges that insurance may be subject to deductibles or other limitations which are not the responsibility we are not responsible to any loss resulting from items being shipped to an alternate address or recipient provided by Bidder.


* Shipping Within Switzerland, Swiss Post costs including packaging will be charged (please contact us in writing).


All sales are final, no lots are sold on approval; placing a bid is a legally binding obligation. There are no returns or exchanges. All lots are sold as is, where is, with all the faults, imperfections, omissions and errors in the written description, estimates, appraisals, graphics and photography. SKA is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the description, graphics or photography provided or in the bidding software. Due diligence to verify the condition and description of a lot is the sole responsibility of the Bidder prior to placing any bid.

Schweizer kunst auktion is offering art paintings and objects of famous Swiss and international artists, in the web-site you can find various art work from oil paintings, lithography, bronze sculpture, paper mache sculptures , aquarelle paintings on canvas and drawings, chalk drawings, all artist are proved genuine and are signed original from the artist some of the art work are dated and framed with wood and glass frames, we are ap dating our web-site every few days with new art works and important information about the artists, purchase online is available and we are accepting payment with paypal , you can find information about each artwork witch is now connected directly with paypal button, all information about shipping world wide is added directly with paypal button once you press the paypal button, all price information will appear in a separate paypal page, among the artist names there is an information about the artist and his location , you find links above each painting to Sik isea artprice and artnet there you can find more information about the art works auctioned history and hammer prices. a list of the artist wich are listed in Schweizer kunst auktion: Schweizer kunst Auktion
    Adler-Kaufmann Elisabeth
    Amann Louis Adolf Otto
    Anneler Karl
    Appenzeller, Karl Felix
    Bachmann Hans
    Bachmann Räto
    Bachmann Otto
    Baltensperger Pierre
    Bandi Hans
    Barraud Maurice
    Bavier Ursula
    Bergner Jakob Christian
    Bischoff Susel
    Bodmer Paul
    Brack Max Eugen
    Colombi Plinio
    Comensoli Mario
    Däniker Klaus
    Deringer Fritz
    Dürer Albrecht
    Dürig Rolf
    Duss Carlos
    Egle Max Arthur
    Ernst Karl (Carl) Otto
    Erni Hans
    Erismann Friedrich Johann
    Fehrlin Klara
    Fels Peter
    Frei Emil
    Fries Hanny
    Früh Eugen
    Fuchs Jacques
    Ganz Heinrich
    Gehri Franz Wilhelm
    Gehri Karl Samuel
    Genoud Nanette
    Gillard Henri Vincent
    Gimmi Wilhelm
    Gottlieb Wasem
    Grütter Hans
    Guex-Vögeli, Elisabeth
    Guinand Ringier Frank Rolf
    Hasler Jean
    Hellmann Boris
    Helbig Walter
    Holy Adrien
    Holzmann Adolf Robert
    Huggler Arnold
    Hug Fritz
    Hunziker Max
    Ineichen Otto
    Itin Joseph
    Jegerlehner Hans Gordon
    Kaiser Edouard
    Keller Max
    Kerker Walter
    Klaeger Jacques
    Krebs Otto Albert Christian
    Leemann Ernst
    Meister Otto
    Melchert Samuel
    Meyer Ruth
    Monnier Charles
    Monnier Willy le
    Mühlenen Max von
    Muri Roland
    Niestle Violette Jenny
    Niggli Gret
    Opitz Franz
    Oppenheim-Jonas Edith
    Pavelka Carl
    Regli Karl
    Reichmuth Emil
    Richterich Marco
    Riedel Arthur
    Sauter Fred
    Sautter Walter
    Schellhammer Carl
    Schenkel Walter
    Schmid Henri
    Schmid Konrad
    Schulze Karl Emil
    Schultes Armand
    Secondo Püschel
    Sennhauser Federico
    Siegenthaler Ernst
    Sigg Hermann Alfred
    Spörri, Eduard Hubertus
    Stauffer Fred
    Strebel Fritz
    Stocker Hans
    Stökli Paul
    Studer Hanns
    Surbek Victor
    Suter Willy
    Tach Etienne
    Thalmann Emil
    Theynet Max Robert
    Thomann, Gustav Adolf
    Thommen Ernst
    Tinguely Jean
    Traugott Senn
    Trüb Charles
    Vietinghoff, Egon von
    Wassmuth Hermann.E.G
    Weber August
    Weber Otto
    Weiss Oscar
    Welti Fritz Urban
    Werner Aerni
    Wülser Samuel Friedrich
    Wüthrich Charles
    Woodtly Max
    Wyss Franz Anatol
    Zeller Eugen Georg
    Zender Rudolf
    Zollinger Heinrich
    International kunst
Antoine Etiene d`Herbelot
Antoine Fossati David
Berjonneu Jean
Boquet Andre
De Bauginies Rene
Decourtis Melchior
Degas Edgar
Ercole Saviane
Frans Hendrik Endlich
Favre Andre
Gichia Leon
Hanson Holly
Icart Louis
Kreyssig Hugo
Köhler Johannes
Lanskoy Andre
Mas Pierre
Merkel-Langkoch Adolf
Miklos Farago
Mooser Martin
Pham Thuc Chuong
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Riedmann Hans
Robbe Manuel
Schütz Heinrich
Tetsuo Araki
Robert Berks
   Unbekante Künstler
Schweizer schule
Schweizer Schule
 list of Swiss national important artists
Johann Ludwig Aberli (1723–1786)
Otto Abt (1903–1982)
René Acht (1920–1998)
Hans Aeschbacher (1906–1980)
René Auberjonois (1872–1957)
Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767–1849)
Cuno Amiet (1868–1961)
Jost Ammann (1539–1591)
Albert Anker (1831–1910)
Melchior Annen (1868–1954)
Anna Margrit Annen (*1951)
John M. Armleder (* 1948)
Hans Asper (1499–1571)
Augustin Meinrad Bächtiger (1888–1971)
Markus Baldegger (* 1947)
Marie-Claire Baldenweg (*1954)
Karl Ballmer (1891–1958)
Otto Baumberger (1889–1961)
Heinrich Bichler (1466/67–1497)
Max Bill (1908–1994)
Samuel Birmann (1793–1847)
Arnold Böcklin (1827–1901), Maler, Zeichner, Graphiker und Bildhauer
Karl Bodmer (1809–1893)
Rudolf Bodmer (1805–1841)
Walter Bodmer (1903–1973), Maler und Bildhauer
Max Böhlen (1902–1971)
Mark Staff Brandl (* 1955)
Blaise Bron (1918–2004), Grafiker, Designer und Fotograf
Arnold Brügger (1888–1975)
Max Brunner (1910–2007), Glasmaler
Emanuel Büchel (1707–1775), Bäcker, Zeichner, Topograph und Aquarellist
Frank Buchser (1828–1890)
Johann Balthasar Bullinger (1713–1793)
Max Buri (1868–1915)
Eugène Burnand (1850–1921)
Robert Baumberger (1895–1986)
Alexandre Calame (1810–1864)
Alois Carigiet (1902–1985), Maler, Zeichner und Kinderbuchautor
Edouard Castres (1838–1902)
Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) Architekt, Maler (1887–1965)
Heinrich Danioth (1896–1953)
François Diday (1802–1877)
Felix Maria Diogg (1764–1834)
Martin Disteli (1802–1844)
Theo Eble (1899–1974)
Hans Eggimann (1872–1929)
Hans Erni (1909–2015)
Adolf Fehr (1889–1964)
Annemie Fontana (1925–2002)
Sigmund Freudenberger (1745–1801)
Hans Fries (1460–1523)
Otto Frölicher (1840–1890)
Johann Heinrich Füssli (1741–1825)
Sergio Galli
Léon Gaud (1844–1908)
Georg Gerster (1924–2012)
Franz Gertsch (* 1930)
Salomon Gessner, (1730–1788) Idyllendichter, Maler und Grafiker
Alberto Giacometti, (1901–1966) Maler und Bildhauer
Augusto Giacometti (1877–1947)
Giovanni Giacometti, (1868–1933) Maler
H. R. Giger, (1940–2014) Schöpfer des Alien, Oscarpreisträger
Charles Girardet (1813–1871)
Fritz Glarner (1899–1972)
Charles Gleyre (1806–1874)
Theo Glinz, (1890–1962) Maler, Zeichner und Grafiker; Buchillustrator
Diogo Graf, (1896–1966) Maler, Kunsterzieher und Lehrer
Urs Graf der Ältere, (1485–1528) Zeichner, Buchillustrator, Goldschmied, Graveur und Maler
Anton Graff (1736–1813)
Walter Grieder (1914–2004)
Stefan Haenni (* 1958)
Kurt Hediger (* 1932)
Franz Hegi (1774–1850)
Joseph Heintz (1564–1609)
Bruno Heiz (1918–2012)
Adolf Herbst (1909–1983)
Hans Herbst (1470–1552)
Maria Herrmann-Kaufmann (1921–2008)
Heinrich Herzig (1887–1964)
Ferdinand Hodler (1853–1918)
Werner Hofmann, (1935–2005) Grafiker
Samuel Hofmann (1591–1648)
Johann Rudolf Huber (1668–1748)
Charles Hug (1899–1979)
Leiko Ikemura, Malerin und Bildhauerin (*1951)
Johannes Itten, Maler und Kunstpädagoge (1888–1967)
Robert Indermaur, Maler und Bildhauer (* 1947)
Hans Georg Kägi (1935–1966), Maler, Zeichner, Druckgrafiker, Illustrator
Adam Dario Keel (* 1924), Zeichnungen, Papierschnitte
Anna Keel (1940–2010)
Carl Eugen Keel, (1885–1961) Expressionist, Holzschnitte
Walter Kerker, (1924–1989) Maler und Grafiker
Max Kämpf (1912–1982)
Angelika Kauffmann (1741–1807)
Paul Klee (1879–1940)
Rudolf Koller (1818–1905)
Franz Niklaus König, (1765–1832) Genre- und Porträtmaler
Ernst Kreidolf, (1863–1956) Grafiker und Illustrator von Kinderbüchern
Salomon Landolt (1741–1818)
Jean Etienne Liotard (1702–1789)
Carlo E. Lischetti (1946–2005)
Urs Lüthi (* 1947)
Muchenberger Patrik (* 1979) Grafiker, Maler
Al Meier (* 1954)
Daniela de Maddalena (+ 1958)
Niklaus Manuel, Dramatiker, Maler, Graphiker, Reformator und Staatsmann
Alfred Marxer (1876–1945)
Firmin Massot (1766–1849)
Barthélemy Menn (1815–1893), Landschaftsmaler
Johann Heinrich Meyer (1760–1832)
Werner Meier (* 1943)
Otto Meyer-Amden (1885–1933)
Matthäus Merian, (1593–1650) Kupferstecher und Verleger
Gottfried Mind, (1768–1814), Katzen-Raffael
Hans-Jörg Moning (* 1950)
Max von Moos (1903–1979)
Otto Morach (1887–1973)
Fred Müller (1914–1969)
Jörg Müller (* 1942)
Martin Müller-Reinhart (1954–2009)
Rudolf Münger (1862–1929)
Roland Muri (* 1959)
Lottie Neher, (1894–1927) Malerin
Meret Oppenheim, (1913–1985) Malerin und Schriftstellerin
Carl Pflüger (1884–1974)
Leta Peer (1964–2012)
Alfred Heinrich Pellegrini (1881–1958)
Alexandre Perrier (1862–1936)
Tristan Rain (1972)
Rolf Rappaz (1914–1996)
Georges Rechberger (* 1961)
Joseph Reinhard (1749–1829)
Ricco (1915–1972)
Andrea Robbi (1864–1945)
Aurèle Robert (1805–1871)
Léo-Paul Robert (1851–1923)
Louis Léopold Robert (1794–1835)
Paul-André Robert (1901–1977)
Philippe Robert (1881–1930)
Théophile Robert (1879–1954)
Frédéric Rouge (1867–1950)
Sylvère Rebetez (* 1936)
Pierre-Louis de la Rive (1753–1817)
Niki de Saint Phalle, (1930–2002) (Schweizerin seit 1971) Malerin und Bildhauerin
Hans Sandreuter (1850–1901)
Christine Schachenmann (* 1940), Malerin
Karl Schenk (1905–1973) Bildhauer und Maler
Robert Schiess (1896–1956)
Emil Schill (1870–1958)
Erna Schillig (1900–1993)
Ludwig Gottfried Schmidbauer (1890–1974)
Giovanni Segantini (1858–1899)
Alberto Solbach (1933–1983)
Daniel Spoerri (* 1930)
Adolf Stäbli (1842-1901)
Karl Stauffer-Bern (1857–1891)
Johann Gottfried Steffan (1815–1905)
Tobias Stimmer (1539–1584)
Ernst Stückelberg (1831–1903)
Bernhard Studer (1832–1868)
Christophe Stürzinger (* 1965)
Sophie Taeuber-Arp, (1889–1943) Künstlerin
Dorothea Templeton (* 1952)
Jean Tinguely (1925–1991)
Rodolphe Töpffer, (1799–1846) Zeichner und Novellist
Johann Wilhelm von Tscharner, (1886–1946) Maler
Otto Tschumi (1904–1985)
Lajos Tscheligi, (1913–2003) Künstler Maler
Félix Vallotton (1865–1925)
Varlin (1900–1977)
Benjamin Vautier (1829–1898)
Auguste Veillon (1834–1890)
Egon von Vietinghoff (1903–1994)
Jakob Wäch (1893–1918), Maler und Grafiker
Anna Waser (1678–1714)
Emanuel Xeron Waldes (* 1946) Maler, Autor, Ghostwriter, Skulpturen,
Karl Walser (1877–1943), Maler, Bühnenbildner und Illustrator
John Webber (1751–1793), englischer Maler schweizerischer Herkunft
Werner Weber (1892–1977)
Charlotte Weiss (1870–1961)
Albert Welti (1862–1912)
Lisa Wenger (1858–1941), Kinderbuchautorin und Malerin
Joseph Werner (1637–1716)
Walter Kurt Wiemken (1907–1940)
Karina Wisniewska (* 1966)
Uwe Wittwer (* 1954)
Konrad Witz (1400–1446)
Emanuel Witz (1717–1797)
Adolf Wölfli (1864–1930), Art-Brut-Künstler und Schriftsteller
Melchior Wyrsch (1732–1798)
Rémy Zaugg (1943–2005)
Rudolf Zender (1901–1988)
Robert Zünd (1826–1909)

List of important international artists
Pablo Picasso    
Vincent van Gogh    
Leonardo da Vinci    
Claude Monet    
Salvador Dali    
Henri Matisse    
Andy Warhol    
Georgia O'Keeffe    
Peter Paul Rubens    
Edgar Degas    
Pierre-Auguste Renoir    
Paul Cezanne    
Marc Chagall    
Joan Miro    
Jackson Pollock    
Gustav Klimt    
Albrecht Durer    
Edward Hopper    
Wassily Kandinsky    
Jan Vermeer    
Paul Klee    
Edvard Munch
Janet Fish
Edouard Manet